About Dr. Khurana

Dr. Khurana

Dr Kamal Khurana has designed special tips for happy marriage which helps solving many marriage problems. He has developed special programs on pre marriage counselling, marital counselling, relationship counselling and marriage guidance that helps couples to work on the causes and solutions for unhappy marriage. Marriage counseling provides a better understanding to the couples who waste the opportunities to bring relationship on track. Dr Khurana also conducts marriage therapy workshops for those who do not feel comfortable in face to face counseling. Dr Khurana practices marriage counselor in delhi and ncr..He also gives workshops on pre-marriage counseling in delhi and other cities in India.

Dr. Kamal Khurana has been working with men and women to develop satisfaction in relationships for a couple of years now. He works on the perception, communication and action model of relationship counseling. His approach helps people arrive at practical solutions to various problems in marriage and other relationships.

His areas include pre-marriage counseling, post-marriage therapy, relationship counseling and seminars on marriage and relationship improvement.